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U47700-Precious stone meth is the regular name for gem methamphetamine, a solid and exceptionally addictive medication that influences the focal sensory system. There is no lawful use for it.

It comes in clear gem lumps or gleaming blue-white rocks. Likewise called “ice” or “glass,” it’s a famous gathering drug. Typically, clients smoke precious stone meth with a little glass pipe, yet they may likewise swallow it, grunt it, or infuse it into a vein. Individuals say they have a brisk surge of rapture not long after utilizing it. In any case, it’s hazardous. It can harm your body and cause extreme mental issues.

Side Effects

U-47700 has never been concentrated on people yet would be required to create impacts like those of other powerful narcotic agonists, including solid absence of pain, sedation, elation, stoppage, tingling, and respiratory wretchedness which could be unsafe or lethal. Tachycardia was another result experienced with U-47700 use. Resistance and reliance would be required to create.


Consolidated utilization of U-47700 with fentanyl and flubromazepam caused one casualty in Belgium and Germany, separately. One demise was accounted for in Ireland,[33] another in Italy. 17 narcotic excesses and a few passings in the United States had at first been related with U-47700 in April 2016, as of September 2016 at any rate 15 fatalities were affirmed. By December 2017, in any event, 46 fatalities had been related to the utilization of U-47700.

U-47700 was found in blend with fentanyl during the dissection of the American guitarist Prince in 2016.

Identification in natural liquids

U-47700 might be estimated in serum, plasma, blood, or pee to screen for misuse, affirm a finding of harming, or aid a medicolegal demise examination. Serum or blood U-47700 fixations are required to be in a scope of 10–250 μg/L in inebriated patients and 100-1500 μg/L in expired casualties of intense overdosage. The discovery ordinarily includes an examination by fluid chromatography-mass spectrometry.


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