Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Category: Injectable
Substance: Drostanolone propionate (Masteron)
Package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)





Mastebolin (Masteron) Alpha Pharma balloon 10 ml. Steroid drug with maximum positive effect. Has shown effectiveness in the fight against breast cancer in women. For a long time, it was used in medicine to solve many women’s health problems. The drug underwent additional clinical studies, during which the negative properties of the drug were revealed. They decided not to use the steroid for the treatment of the fair sex due to the high risks associated with side effects in the hormonal system. After entering the free market, it became popular in world sports. Athletes were satisfied with this type of hormonal drug and began to use it in almost all sports, as well as during weight loss. The drug has no effect on increasing muscle volume, but improves muscle structure and saturates the body with energy and strength. Athletes use anabolic steroids for different purposes, but the result is usually positive and lasts for many months. There is only one drawback of this remedy, it is ineffective with the maximum presence of fatty deposits. If the body has more than 25% of adipose tissue, before use, you should go through a course of diets and only then start using anabolic steroids. In professional sports, hormonal agents of this type cannot be used; experts recommend taking this into account during doping control. To conceal the substance, masking agents or steroids with a minimum detection time are required.

Benefits and features of anabolic steroids.

* Improves the structure of the body, makes muscles elastic and relief.

* Increases power and speed performance.

* Reduces the level of fluid in the tissues.

* Promotes quick recovery from workouts.

* Increases endurance throughout the course and after its completion.

* Does not give a chance to adipose tissues, utilizing the accumulation in the shortest possible time.

* Improves blood circulation and metabolism.

* Helps to improve concentration of attention.

* Saturates the cells of the body with nitrogen masses.

* Increases the rate of testosterone production in the blood.

* Normalizes psychological mood.

It’s no secret that many professional athletes use anabolic steroids throughout their lives. It is not surprising that each of them wants to achieve high results and benefit their own country. To increase the effectiveness of the drug, experts recommend combining it with other steroids and including sports nutrition in the course.

Dosage and application features.

Experts recommend that beginners and amateurs, before the first use, be tested for hormones and visit a sports doctor. The standard dosage for beginners is 200 mg in the first week of use. If during the first days the athlete does not feel negative changes in the body, you can increase the dosage to 400 mg and use it until the end of the course. Experienced athletes can start at 400 mg and work up to 1000 mg. It should be noted that increasing the dosage and prolonging the course will not bring a positive effect and contribute to the occurrence of side effects. To stabilize the hormonal

background and improve the effect of the substance, the dosage should be divided several times.

Side effects.

* Decreased sexual activity during the course.

* Virilization in girls.

* Irritability, nervousness.

* Insomnia.

* Prostration.

Monitor your well-being at all stages of use and follow all the instructions of specialists.

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