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Manufacturer: Meditech Pharmaceuticals
Category: Injectable
Substance: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose)
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Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) is a long-acting anabolic steroid developed for veterinary use. Often Equipoise was used to increase endurance of horses participating in races. But bodybuilders and other athletes started using this drug to build muscle. This is done by increasing nitrogen synthesis in the body and increasing protein production. If you look at the steroid profile Equipoise, you can see that it is not toxic to the liver (except maybe in high doses), this is due to it having low progestogenic and estrogenic activity.

Dosage: The recommended dose of Equipoise per week for bodybuilders is 400-800mg for men and 50-150mg for women. The steroid is recommended to be administered for up to 8-10 weeks in cycle length.

Bulking Cycle: For a set of muscle mass should include Sustanon 250 and Trenbolone Acetate, which have a pronounced androgenic effect. If you use Testosterone, it is necessary to include anti-estrogens and gonadotropic hormones, to ensure that you keep your hormone levels in balance with each other.

Cutting Cycle: If the goal of a bodybuilder is high quality drying, the best combination with Equipoise will be WinstrolHalotestin or Anavar

Equipoise is an anabolic steroid that depends on the testosterone hormone with just a slight variety to the synthetic structure, yet one that it makes one of a kind in its own right. The appended ester, Undecylenate, is a moderate discharge ester that makes Equipoise keep being discharged into the body for as long as three weeks after the initial administration. It likewise takes a few days for the most extreme blood level to be reached after you administer Boldenone.

Also known as EQ, this compound is one of only a handful of steroids that is utilized exclusively for veterinary purposes. The “equi” segment of the name shows that this product is expected for use in ponies. Yet, similar to a great deal of steroids, the effects of Equipoise are engaging for jocks and it’s not very astonishing to realize that EQ imparts a ton of likenesses to testosterone; after the entirety of it’s just a somewhat adjusted variant of that unique hormone.

Dosing Information for Equipoise

In the bodybuilding and athletic circles, apprentice Equipoise dosages are by and large in the scope of 300 – 500mg for every week, trailed by 500 – 700mg every week for middle dosages. Equipoise dosages are generally fundamentally the same as Testosterone and wandering higher than this is very uncommon, particularly when the client is using Equipoise alongside different mixes inside the same cycle, which ought to regularly be the situation.

Female anabolic steroid clients may discover Equipoise a reasonable compound because of its extensively lower androgenic capacities than Testosterone. For this reason, females should think that its worthy to utilize 50 – 75mg every week. Notwithstanding, an issue that may introduce itself is Equipoise’s exceptionally long half-existence of 14 days, which will without a doubt show as a moderate decrease of blood plasma levels. With this comes a moderate disposal of the compound from the body, and this can be an issue when, or if, virilization signs and side effects show up in female users, if this is the case. Lowering or even stopping the administration is advised until these side effects subside.

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