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Carfentanil is a synthetic drug that belongs to the group of narcotic analgesics and is a derivative of fentanyl. The substance is one of the strongest drugs in the world, and according to many sources, its action is 10,000 times superior to the standard drug morphine and 40 times superior to fentanyl (some sources provide data on 100 times higher efficiency). The drug was first synthesized in 1974 in the laboratory of the Belgian company Janssen Pharmaceutica, but due to the very low minimum, the lethal dose for humans in medical practice in the world is not officially used. The susbtance is now officially used exclusively in veterinary practice under the trademark “Wildnil” as a general anesthetic for use in large animals. According to media reports, carfentanil can be used by opioid addicts to replace heroin and other drugs, and has been used during intelligence operations to remove political opponents or to silence terrorists when taking hostages (including, most likely, during a terrorist attack). on Dubrovka in Moscow)

Uses of Carfentanil

Traditionally, carfentanil is used by veterinarians to tranquilize and sedate farm animals, or large wild animals
in need of care (e.g., deer and moose). Wildlife rangers also use combinations of drugs (including carfentanil)
for sedating wild bison. Because it is so potent, veterinarians who use carfentanil wear protective gear, such
as gloves and face shields, when administering the drug. In the United States, veterinarians must have a Drug
Enforcement Agency (DEA) number, and be on the approved user’s list.

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