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BK-2C-B is a Hallucinogenics. Hallucinogenics are a subset of stimulating medications whose essential impact is to trigger non-standard conditions of awareness (known as hallucinogenic encounters or “excursions” ) through serotonin 2A receptor agonist. This causes explicit mental, visual and hear-able changes, and regularly a significantly modified condition of cognizance. The “Old style” hallucinogenics, the hallucinogenics with the biggest logical and social impact, are mescaline, LSD, psilocybin, and DMT.

βk-2C-B (beta-keto 2C-B, bk-2C-B) is a hallucinogenic medication that is fundamentally identified with 2C-B and BOB[1] and has been sold online as an architect drug. It was discovered to be a polymorph and is inclined to self-condensation shaping a dimer under fundamental to unbiased conditions, like the response engaged with pyrazine union.

This product is only available for use in laboratories for research purposes. There are people who

Safety gear should be worn and guidelines must be followed by those who work with it

When handling, follow safety protocols. It is strictly not for human consumption if consumed

You should seek immediate medical attention. Bk-2C-B (beta ketone 2C-B) is a psychedelic compound.

The drug is structurally related to 2C-B and BOB and has been sold online as a

Design your own drug. The substance has been found to be polymorphic and to be susceptible to self-condensation

In a reaction similar to what occurs during the basic to neutral state, dimers are formed

This reaction results in the pyrazine synthesis

You can read about the 2018 session here . The 2C-B molecule (also known as Bk-2C-B or beta-keto 2C-B)

This chemical class of psychedelics includes phenethylamines, a new synthetic substance Psychedelic effects comparable to those produced by members of the 2C-x family

that produce psychedelic effects comparable to members of the 2C-x family when


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