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AM-2201 has a reputation in research circles as being the most potent chemical in the cannabinoid class. A full agonist for the associated receptors, it is active in doses as small as 500 micrograms, and therefore should be handled with extreme caution to avoid involuntary inhalation.

The fact it has such a broad receptor binding profile has made it an extremely popular choice among researchers.

AM-2201 is a recreational designer drug that acts as a potent but nonselective full agonist for the cannabinoid receptor.

What is AM-2201?

Research chemical AM-2201 belongs to the cannabinoid family. AM2201 activates the cannabinoid receptor without selectively activating it. Alexandros Makriyannis discovered AM2201, a ligand for receptors of cannabinoid compounds. Even at extremely low quantities, AM2201 can function.

A full cannabinoid receptor agonist, AM-2201 is located on the cell surface. At CB1, the affinity is 1.0 nM, and at CB2, it is 2.6 nM. MAM-2201 evidently has similar affinities to 4-methyl-4-methyl-4-methyl-4-methyl-4-methyl. For human CB1 receptors, the EC50 is 38 nM, while for human CB2 receptors it is 58 nM. At doses of 0.3–3 mg/kg, AM-2201 causes bradycardia and hypothermia in rats, comparable to that of JWH-018 in rats, indicating potent cannabinoid-like activity.


What is AM2201 used for ?

Am-2201 may be used to further research the effect it has on cannabinoid receptors in vitro (outside of living organisms). Am2201’s non-selectivity makes it useful for broad-based binding assays into receptor affinities (potency) and durations of action. In CB1 the affinity is 1.0 nM, and in CB2 2.6 nM. A vapour can be produced from AM2201 by burning it with heat. Due to the high surface area of AM2201, this vapour is useful for coating a membrane that contains cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 with effective contact.


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A chemical catalogue company may use AM2201 to analyze it by NMR, GC/MS, FTIR, or HPLC. Using this analysis, toxicologists and forensic scientists can compare one case to another. AM2201 may also be used to conduct specific chemical experiments by chemists




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