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2201 is a manufactured cannabinoid of the indazole family, and firmly identified with the better-known 5F-MDMB-2201. It is an indazole 3 carboxamide that is starting to be found in engineered cannabis items around the globe.

What is 5faeb2201?

5F-AEB2201 is new examination science that is a manufactured cannabinoid, made with the utilization of regular and synthetic synthetics. The sole motivation behind examination synthetic substances is to permit further testing of these synthetics to decide the properties of the compound. Since 5faeb2201 is so new available, almost no is thought about the impact of this synthetic on the human body.

Description of product

Number of the catalogueE558245
Chemical Name5F-EMB-PICA
SynonymsEMB-2201; 5-Fluoro AMB-PICA; Ethyl (1-(5-Fluoropentyl)-1H-indole-3-carbonyl)-L-valinate
Molecular FormulaC₂₁H₂₉FN₂O₃
Molecular Weight376.46
ApplicationsIndazole-3-carboxamide is a family of synthetic Cannabinoid compounds produced based on the iIndazole structure. 5F-EMB-PICA is a designer drug made from the iIndazole family.

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Our base request amount for 5faeb2201 is 25 grams. Nonetheless, according to our example strategy, we offer 5 grams as a free example to all our first-time customers. To be qualified with the expectation of complimentary example, you should be a purchaser who has never bought from us already and you should likewise be happy to pay the transportation charge of the example.

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The transportation charge is determined dependent on the last objective of the shipment. In the event that you are keen on an example of 5f-aeb-2201, contact our site with any accessible salesman available. Purchasers are obliged to pay the delivery expense to dodge addicts from utilizing various profiles to get tests from us.

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